Abdullah Novel Complete by Hashim Nadeem Download Free


Abdullah Novel Full Online Download Free

It is the story of the circle of Love.   a young boy sahir university student. He belongs to an elite class family. His father is an industrialist. His family is completely secular and religion is like a banned thing in their home and in their society one feels performing namaz

Ainee loves him, but he does not take her serious. One day he fells love with a strange girl. He sent his parents to her home to ask her hand for him. But he is shocked when she refuses his proposal. And now his journey from Ishq Majazi to Ishq Haqeeqi starts and he finds, while his journey, a parallel world with our world. He comes to know that the girl Zura, whome he loves very much, loves Abdullah who was his class fellow in M.A Urdu but Abdullah is married to other girl and does not love her.



best novel abdullah

Abdullah goes on a long journey with a spiritual man Sultan Baba, and at last he achieves both his loves, Ishq Haqeeqi and Ishq Majazi.

The book has been chosen recently for the Presidential Award from the Government of Pakistan and Hashim Nadeem will be awarded the award at coming 23rd March.

There are some things which are against Islamic teachings and beliefs in this novel, so one should take it as a novel not a book of religion.  

Abdullah is the third famous and record breaking novel written by Hashim Nadeem Khan. Prior to … The novel teaches readers how to sacrifice for love either for a person or ALLAH.

Abdullah Novel Full Online Download Free

best novel of hashim nadeem  .. it is also published as a book  .. part 1 is complete.. you can easily read from here free حالیہ سروے کے مطابق عبداللہ دورِ حاضر کا سب سے زیادہ پڑھا جانے والا ناول ہے

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