About Us Urdu Novels – Urdu Digest

Pakistani Urdu Digests, Novels to read Online.   Urdu Digest reading is one of the famous hobby of not only Pakistani’s but Urdu speakers. Hence if you are Urdu Speaker you must know the famous and all time favorite Digest in Pakistan. Khawateen Digest is a Pakistani urdu digest and quite famous for its episodic Novels.
Kiran Digest is also one of the known and famous Urdu Digest that is read quite largely in Pakistan and other countries where urdu speakers are located. further more these digests are published every month in starting dates of the month and available in Market.
Some of the famous Urdu Dramas are made and based on these novels which you read in monthly Khawateen Digest & Kiran Digest & Shuaa Digest.

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