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Junoon Tha K Justuju by Farhat Ishtiaq

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Once again Novels Collection presents your on demand favorite novel Junoon Tha K Justuju which is written by Farhat Ishtiaq who is the famous writer of Pakistan and has a great name in novel writing and also famous for drama script writing.

Story of this novel was dramatize many times on Pakistani TV channels. Junoon Tha K Jutsuju is very different story form previous novels as this story has love, romance, hate, Jealousy and family relationships altogether in a new way. Junoon Tha K Jutsuju is the story of a girl who was in complex just because of her elder sister she had misunderstanding that her sister is fake person who just grabs the other attentions.

She just started the competition with her, here writer beautifully describe relational misunderstanding between both sisters. Naina Toqeer who is the main characters of the novel Junoon Tha K Jutsuju. She even broke her sister engagement in jealousy and got married with her fiance. That still not pleased her when she saw that her sister is still happy in her life which take her at the peak of anger.

Story not stopped here it gone through all the life and years even they grown up and got their children, and then their children got involve in story. Her son is getting involve with her sister’s daughter that make her of mind but than her husband and kids realize her that she is alone just because of her behavior and then she understood that she was wrong all the time and she apologizes to all.

Story not ended here ? just read it all and to get a life experience through it. Junoon Tha K Jutsuju is the story of all and has the lesson for all too.


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